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Listing: #1004

Line Bay Estates

Line Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
Listing: #1684

1.9 Acre Beach Front parcel near Sunset

Listing: #1681

Miley Beach Access Lot

Listing: #468

Sunset Beach Gardens Lot

Sunset Beach, Wemyss, Bahamas
Listing: #1616

Miley Beach front hill top parcel Listing

Long Island, The Bahamas
Listing: #796

Beach front home Listing

Cape Santa Maria



There are many reasons why you would want to purchase a home or some land for a future build on Long Island in the Bahamas. But the bottom line is, you just need to come and visit our island so you can see how amazing it is. Maybe you’re thinking about retiring or just want a nice vacation home to escape to?  It would really be worth your while to come and experience life in this incredible place.

When you decide to visit our island I will drive you to specific locations that suit your requirements and on the way, I will teach you about our way of life here. Where to shop, places to go and introduce you to some of the Islanders.  It is a fun afternoon and you will learn a lot in a short period of time.

Long Island is located in the south-central Bahamas away from the big hotels. Many of my clients tell me that they accidentally skipped over this part of the Caribbean only to discover it many years later. They visit and after just a few days they realize that this is THE special place that they have always been looking for. It’s warm here and there are cool ocean breezes. The air is very clean, the sea and the clouds in the sky are a strange but beautiful blue color.

We have exotic beaches, beautiful clear blue water and a lifestyle of freedom and relaxation that will add years to your life. In the evening you can have dinner and watch the sun slip into to sea at a charming restaurant, a friend’s island home, or from the deck of your own home.

Driving around the island you’ll see the old limestone walls lining the road, maybe stop and visit the ruins of an old Spanish church. Goats and sheep crossing the road will require that you slow down and let them pass. You’ll have lunch at a beachfront restaurant and watch the sailboats in the harbor as you enjoy some delicious food and drinks.


Allow me to show you the real Long Island Bahamas and the incredible deals on real estate that we have here on the islands. A Caribbean-style beachfront home might be exactly what you’re looking for. Beachfront land, ocean view property, and very inexpensive parcels with beach access near one of our so many gorgeous beaches are still available here on Long Island.

I have lots of perfect places to show you to build a simple home for you to get away from it all. For most people, just a small cottage is all that they need. The Caribbean lifestyle here leads to being out of the house, walking exotic beaches in the morning or enjoying a snorkel in shallow clear water to see the brightly colored fish.

Luxury real estate and homes are abundant on Long Island. Many line the most beautiful beaches in the world. Speaking of the most beautiful beaches, I can’t wait to show you our Cape Santa Marie beach where your feet will melt into thick milky white sand. Rated the 5th most beautiful beach in the world with aquamarine water, it’s quaintly dotted with charming real estate, homes, and land parcels.

Please have a look through our available Bahamas real estate listings, homes, and land for sale on Long Island Bahamas. Pick out your favorite listings, let’s talk about it, soon you’ll come for a check-out visit, and fall in love. 

I’m more than happy to recommend some nice places to stay while you’re on Long Island and amazing things to do. Us island boys love taking folks out on eco-tours, fishing, diving, adventures, and visits to our nearby swimming pigs, children go crazy over this. Please let me know if you’re interested.  Outings with a boat and captain/guide generally run about $250 for a half-day.

Fun, adventure and a new lease on life await you on Long Island Bahamas! 

Call me now, let’s plan your escape!  Your friends will think you’re crazy and you will love that they do.

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