Dean Steinke

Charlie, Denise and I would like to thank you and Bahamas Best Real Estate for assisting us with the purchase of our lot in Sunset Beach. From start to finish you were there guiding and suggesting making the purchase flawless. We visited the Island in February and you took the time to show us everything the Island has to offer.  Not often do you get customer service that last for days. You are a true ambassador of Long Island and I thank you.

Joyce, we would like to thank you for your kindness, and making us feel truly like family.

Romana, the pulse in the office thank you for everything you have done and the arrangements you have made to make our stays comfortable.

“Kindest regards and a BIG Thank YOU!”

Michelle Rickman and Jason Whitaker Thompson Bay, Long Island Sausalito, California

In 2007 we read a magazine that changed our life… Once so inspired by Island Magazine, the 2007 issue of The Best Island to Live On; my fiancé, Jason and I took for our maiden journey to the Bahamas – all the way from Northern California. On-line research led us to the remarkable Charlie and Joyce Beede of Bahamas Best Real Estate. Mr. Beede told us he couldn’t really explain it – “you just have to see it – come down, check it out”. We listened.

Our first night on the island, Charlie and Joyce, took us for dinner. Over exceptional pizza and salad we laughed and quickly eased in to the island vibe with a sense of trust and friendship. The following day Charlie showed us the island from tip-to-tail. We were shown true hospitality, pristine, white talcum sand beaches and the most incredible gin blue waters. Surprisingly, the one property that really resonated with us was not a pristine beachfront lot; but hillside, Caribbean view acreage with 100+ year old Bahamian farmhouse ruins. Something about the property touched us. We immediately felt compelled to bring her back to what she once was so we imported a hard wood home from Bali, Indonesia and have started the restoration of the ruins of the old Bahamian homestead.

A little piece of Bahamian history – a place we learned to affectionately call “Ms. Alice’s”. Even though we immediately fell in love with the Beedes, the island, her people, we were still a bit reluctant to make an offer, on the spot. We had pre-planned an itinerary to visit several other Bahamian Out Islands. We had to see all the options . . . we had to be sure.

The other islands and cays were just as beautiful but there was something about Long Island with her endless adventures and kind, easy-going people that called us back. In all our travels we have felt the most comfortable and welcomed on Long Island. We love the quirky yet authentic eateries and the geographic contrasts, the people. Enchanted, we inked the deal without hesitation (in the nick of time) and never looked back. The team at Bahamas Best Real Estate generously guiding us, to this day.

“Pinch me… Incredible beaches, magical sunsets, glowing moonscapes and an abundance of incredible friends. We’re home, thank you Bahamas Best Real Estate!”

Denise Greig

After years of traveling all over the world looking for a place to eventually settle when retirement hits, we found Long Island, Bahamas. It only took a 10 day vacation in Paradise and the help of Charlie Beede from Bahamas Best Real Estate to confirm the decision. We looked at over a dozen properties until we found the perfect one for us and our budget. A decision that was possible now because the Canadian dollar is so strong and the Bahamas government has waved a 35 percent duty on all building materials to help boost the economy.

Taking advantage of this now was our only hope to afford a beautiful home in Paradise. We encourage other Canadians to visit this beautiful island now, while they can still take advantage of the same opportunities we did. What we thought would never have been possible, is now a reality.

Timing is everything and the time is now! You too can make your dreams come true.