House Hunters

In your quest for Bahamas real estate and upon your arrival on Long Island, Bahamas, I’ll greet you at one of our two quaint island airports. You’ll be smiling at this point. I know this because you’ve just experienced a sensory overload in beauty on the flight over. Now standing outdoors, the warm sunshine fills your soul. We’ll get introduced and I’ll tell you some good stories about Long Island, Bahamas and our way of life here. We’ll get you hooked up with a rental car if you’d like one, then get you over to an oceanfront home or hotel room where you’ll relax deeper into our laid-back Long Island lifestyle.

We’ll begin our House Hunters –Long Island edition by mapping out Long Island, confirming our game plan on what Long Island Bahamas real estate you’re most interested in. Then head out to find your perfect piece of tropical paradise.

As I specialize in true island adventures, prepare to see some of the highlights of our island including the infamous 660-foot/203-metres deep Dean’s Blue Hole in a bay west of Clarence Town, Long Island. We can even visit some secret spots that few natives know about –as by foot, plane, and boat–I’ve explored just about every inch of Long Island.

A taste for Long Island the real Bahamas

It’s about the whole experience. Over a day or two during your visit, my beautiful wife, Joyce, and I will give you a real taste for what it’s like to live here as a resident on Long Island, Bahamas. You’ll likely eat fresh-caught fish, maybe some crawfish (aka lobster), mingle with warm-hearted islanders, relax on deserted beaches, and swim in our translucent gin-blue seas. For the more adventurous, a snorkel through beautiful rock caverns might be up your alley? Or maybe a free dive into Dean’s Blue Hole, go spearfishing, deep-sea fishing, or a surf anyone?

Undoubtedly you’ll fall in love with Long Island, Bahamas.

Building an Island Home

If you decide to build an island home, you’ve come to the right place. Long Islanders have long been known as the best BOAT builders in all of the Bahamas, winning the majority of our regatta sailing championships. These talented builders have easily moved into home construction work and have now gained the reputation of being some of the best HOME builders in the Bahamas.

I can guide you from start to finish in the construction of your island home, introducing you to the most talented tradesmen that Long Island, Bahamas has to offer.