Beach Front Listing 835

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Clients come to see me to purchase beachfront properties and have a home built. I help them find the perfect place and then introduce them to a great home builder that helps pull everything together. Here’s a dreamy place for you to consider building a Caribbean beachfront home. Located at Cape Santa Maria on Long island’s northwest coast is this beautiful beachfront parcel. One acre in size with 150 feet amazing white sand beach and turquoise blue water.

Nearby is the exclusive Cape Santa Maria Resort where you can enjoy dinners with friends and family. Watch the sun put on a show as it sinks into the most beautiful ocean you ever have seen.

Priced at $520,000

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Price $520,000
Bedrooms N/A
Bathrooms N/A
Area sqft.
Contact BAH: 1-242-338–0082 / USA: 1-305-420-6864
Listing # 835
Property Status New Listing
Property Type Beach Front
Address Cape Santa Maria

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