Skip Florida and come straight to the Bahamas

January 31, 2019

Many people from the east coast are discovering that purchasing a home in the Bahamas is so much better than buying one in Florida. Here’s what it is, in the winter time it still gets pretty cold in the sunshine state. Where as in the Bahamas our temps vary between 75 and 80 degrees in the winter. How fun is it to step on the plane where it’s freezing outside in the morning and arrive where it’s warm and beautiful in the afternoon. There’s no traffic here on Long Island, Bahamas. You can enjoy riding your bike along the ocean, snorkel to see beautiful fish or walk the beach in the moonlight. A completely different experience than going to Disney world or going on a cruise ship surrounded by tourists. Your children have so much fun and meet new friends. Definitely a much better environment for your family. The out islands of the Bahamas have so much to offer. Own a home and a car in a different country were your lifestyle is made up of dreamy warm days. You make important memories that last for generations. Just imagine if your parents had left you a tropical home in the Caribbean. How cool would that have been? Do it for your family and yourself.