Skip Florida and come straight to the Bahamas

Many people from the east coast are discovering that purchasing a home in the Bahamas is so much better than buying one in Florida. Here’s what it is, in the winter time it still gets pretty cold in the sunshine state. Where as in the Bahamas our temps vary between 75 and 80 degrees in the winter. How fun is it to step on the plane where it’s freezing outside in the morning and arrive where it’s warm and beautiful in the afternoon. There’s no traffic here on Long Island, Bahamas. You can enjoy riding your bike along the ocean, snorkel to see beautiful fish or walk the beach in the moonlight. A completely different experience than going to Disney world or going on a cruise ship surrounded by tourists. Your children have so much fun and meet new friends. Definitely a much better environment for your family. The out islands of the Bahamas have so much to offer. Own a home and a car in a different country were your lifestyle is made up of dreamy warm days. You make important memories that last for generations. Just imagine if your parents had left you a tropical home in the Caribbean. How cool would that have been? Do it for your family and yourself.

When I first moved from Hawaii to the Bahamas

When I first moved from Hawaii to the Bahamas I needed to clear my mind of the business world I left behind. With the help of my wife’s family I trained and became a free diver, a commercial fisherman. Elvis Harding, Wayne Harding and many others helped me to learn what to do at sea. We traveled far from home on week long fishing trips to dive for spiny lobsters on the Great Bahama bank. The things we would see underwater each day as we searched for our catch were amazing. Beautiful reefs sparkling with different colors and beams of sunlight pouring down from above. The white sand reflects the light back up from the bottom and creates a surreal looking world alive with fish. We move from reef to reef all day long and just like the land changes how it looks when you are driving down the road the sea bottom changes from white sand bottom to reefs covered with mushroom shaped coral heads, sea fanners and sponges. This new life that I had found was so exciting and different I was in heaven, at sea.IMG_20160802_0005 IMG_20160802_0001_NEW IMG_20160802_0002

Commercial fishing boat

Commercial fishing boat

The blue underworld

The blue underworld

Photo from ISS by Tim Peake

Photo from ISS by Tim Peake


Adventures of a surfer, diver, explorer living on a remote island

Hi Everyone, It’s Charlie Beede from Bahamas Best Real Estate. For those of you who don’t know me. I’m a real estate broker who lives in the Southern Bahamas. I’m also an experienced surfer, diver and explorer living on a remote island.

I’m going to tell you about my life here on this beautiful island. I will also show you homes and land for sale in this amazing place. If you like what you read and see in the photos. Please acknowledge your out there. Maybe comment “This sounds good”, tell me more or something so I know people are paying attention. Please share this with your friends if you think they will like it. I hoping I can entice a few of you to come and see me. Let me show you around this incredible place, it’s an adventure you’ll never forget.

I love the ocean, always have. Something about it. My friends are the best free divers, scuba divers and photographers in the world. Our network spans the globe.We either know each other from diving at the Vertical Blue free diving competitions here at Dean’s Blue hole on Long Island, Bahamas or we worked together in under water film production projects that you see on the Animal planet, National Geographic, Steinlager commercial and the 60 minutes TV show. I’m a safety diver for cameramen and other people who want to be safe underwater when they are working. We go to wild places under water that few people will ever see. So remote, we first travel by boat a long distance, dive in strange new places and then sleep on a beach that night by a fire. Far, far away from the world you live in. The people that I

work with have special skills in the ocean that would have to be described as super human. While man reaches out into space. We are exploring the deepest, darkest and most beautiful places in the oceans of the world.

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Bahamas Real Estate

Living in the Bahamas on one of the family islands lends itself to long sunny days and cool dark nights. My wife Joyce and I live in a small home on the beach on Long Island in the Bahamas. My wife likes to garden and pick tiny gold shells on our beach. She has ten small water melons and a couple honey dews growing in our front yard. She goes out early each morning and waters them while I still lay in bed. It seems as you get older you don’t need that much sleep, so she’s up at 4 am. I like going out in the boat with my dog Nick, a six year old black and white boxer. Nick and I anchor off of a rock out cropping and I climb over board to look for spinny lobsters. Nick stares down into the water as I 
swim around peeking in to cracks and holes to see who’s home. The water is warm, brightly colored fish dart in and out of the rocks as I pass. Before moving to the Bahamas I had little interest in boats or diving. How wonderful it is to learn new things and live a different lifestyle. So many people are caught on a treadmill where they will stay for the rest of their lives never knowing the mystery and excitement they could have experenced by making a change.

Life on a tropical island in the caribbean

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live on a tropical island in the Caribbean? I started traveling to the Bahamas at age 17 to surf and explore this warm water country just off the coast of Florida.  Many people don’t realize that the Bahamas is to the east coast what Hawaii is to the west. A totally different experience just a short flight away the outer islands of the Bahamas are amazing.

I live on Long Island a 45 minute fight from Nassau international airport. Nassau is our Honolulu and Long Island is our Kauai. The price of real estate is cheap here and the lifestyle is dreamy for tropical island lovers. I moved here from Hawaii 23 years ago to Long Island in the Bahamas. I guide people through the process of either buying a home or purchasing a parcel of land and having a home built. I’m your guy on the ground here to help you bring your dream into focus. My wife is a Bahamian from Long Island that enjoys going to the farmers market to buy fresh fruits, veggies and home made pastries. Joyce has a nursery behind our home, she has lots of beautiful plants. She knows the best beaches to shell, how to catch land crabs at night and is a marvelous cook. Read More

Beach front living in the Caribbean

When you live on a remote island in the Caribbean life moves at a different pace. Instead of jumping on the freeway to rush to work you call a friend and ask are you ready to explore this cool beach I found. You go to the local farmers market and buy some fresh veggies and meet someone new. For those of us who have already made it to our new alternate life the past is just a blur now. Things like what time is it, the date and other things that used to be so important don’t matter anymore. Read More

Buy a lot and build a beachfront cottage

If you were to build some cottages like these on this property you would have a winner. Visitors to Long Island, Bahamas love to stay by Dean’s blue hole. Buy your beachfront lot for only $105,000. contact: charlie@bahamasbestrealestate
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Caribbean Real Estate|Beach Access Lots at Cape Santa Maria

This is an excellent place to build a vacation home near one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Only a short distance to the north is the spot where it all begun, Cape Santa Maria, named by Columbus after his flagship, the Santa Maria, is a three mile long stretch of absolutely beautiful beach, a true paradise and one of the very few remaining, unspoiled places on earth.

These lots, almost two acres in size, are located only 400 feet away from this spectacular white sandy beach.

If you built a two storey building at this location you would have a beautiful ocean view.  Nearby is the exclusive Cape Santa Maria Resort which features beautiful beachfront rooms and open air restaurant.  The resort being nearby is excellent for entertaining your visiting guests.   The airport is only 10 minutes away from this location and deep sea fishing for Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Wahoo is only minutes away by boat.

Lots priced at $240,000 each
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